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We are a dance studio located in Watertown, CT. We are dedicated to providing quality dance lessons to children and adults of all ages for reasonable prices. We are a family oriented studio who provides both techniqical education as well as a safe space for our students. We build everlasting relationships with every person who walks through our door.

Please contact us for more information! We look forward to dancing with you!

Meet Our Team

Amanda Poinatale

Owner/Choreographer - Email: [email protected]

Amanda started dancing at the age of 3 and hasn't stopped since. She fell in love with the creativity and uplifting nature of the sport. She learned at the age of 11 that she wanted to teach when she began assisting under the direction of Nicole Sweeney. Amanda has been performing competitively since she was 8 years old winning numerous awards as a soloist, duet, trio and a team member. In 2017 she got accepted into the Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance where she took many different classes, such as Rhythmic Analysis, Dance Composition, Dance History, Improvisation, Pedagogy, Modern and Movement and many more under the direction of world renowned choreographers, however she fell in love with Pedagogy and Choreography. She took master classes with amazing choreographers where she learned how to move from all around the world. She also Performed in the opening game at Gillette Stadium for the Patriots and Flo-Rida in September 2017. She has been dancing for a total of 19 years and teaching for a total of 9 years. She is also a black belt in Tang Soo Do and loves Harry Potter, as well as her Siberian Husky, Oliver, and her hedgehog, Charlie. 

Carly Neto


Bio soon to come.

Mary Ann Poinatale

Office Manager - Email: [email protected]

Her interests include Harry Potter, Her dogs (Chelsi and Jethro), Motorcycle rides with her husband, and walks on the beach. When she is not working at the studio, she works full time at Bristol Radiology Center. 

Richard Poinatale

Business Manager / Prop Master -
Email: [email protected]

He has built a total of 4 different dance studios in his lifetime. He has been building dance props for over 10 years now. His interests include going fishing, motorcycle rides with his friends and wife and traveling. 


We also offer special discounts for siblings, parents, seniors and more. Please Contact our office for more information! All of our classes meet once a week for 30 Minutes; Billed on the 1st of the Month every Month!

1 Class


Billed monthly

1 Style of Dance
30 Minutes / Week

2 Classes


Billed monthly

2 Styles of Dance
1 Hour / Week

3 Classes


Billed monthly

3 Styles of Dance
1 Hour & 30 Minutes / Week

4 Classes


Billed monthly

3 Styles + 4th FREE
2 Hours / Week

Private Lesson
(Not in Recital)


Billed monthly

Private Lesson
30 Minutes / Week
No Choreography

Solo (Recital)


Billed monthly

30 Minutes / Week 
With Choreography 


$45 (Per Student)

Billed Monthly

30 Minutes / Week
With Choreography


Email us at [email protected] to Register!!

Fly to Your Heart, Olivia 

Dressed for St. Patrick's Day! 

Grace, Emily, Harper

Our Little Cowgirls! 

Grace, Bailey, Emily

Barbie Girls

Jocelyn, Olivia, Willow


Catalaya is Student of the Month!

Miss Camryn with Grace and Emily

Tiny Tot's 2020-2021

Giulia and Marianna

The Light that Never Fails 2023

Business Hours


  • 22 Falls Ave
    Waterbury, CT 06708

[email protected]

Business Hours

  • Monday - Thursday
  • Saturday
    09:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Sunday


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